Here's who is boycotting in America

STORY: America’s big earners are its biggest boycotters, according to an April survey of 2,100 consumers by LendingTree

37% of six-figure earners in the U.S. boycott a product or company they spent money on in the past

Next up is Gen Z at 32% and Millennials at 28%

31% of Democrats tend to boycott compared with Republicans at 24%

Why people boycott differs

It can be because of political donations, treatment of employees or stances on social issues

Percentages when the survey ran in the summer of 2020 were even higher

QUOTE: Adrianne Wright, founder and chief executive, Rosie

“It's good to rally and march, but just gathering may not get the outcomes you're looking for. To move the world forward, you have to think about how to make good trouble, and get more creative with your tactics."

The findings of the survey could be tricky for companies

77% of six-figure earners are more likely to spend money at businesses that align with their views