Here's a really weird puzzle platformer where you're a hand

 Super Adventure Hand
Super Adventure Hand

Have you ever thought "Wow! I love 3D Platformers, but I really don't need this entire character. Perhaps I could get by with just one of the character's hands!"?

If so, please seek professional help, but also here's your game: Super Adventure Hand, set to release next month on Steam, is a game where you're a crawling, flicking, pulling hand on a rollicking adventure to defeat some evil... feet. There's a lot of goofy physics puzzling and a truly outrageous number of hand puns.

The game promises to throw you through 50-some levels of platforming challenges and puzzles to solve. You'll have to flick, hop, climb, and generally get your fingers all over obstacles and objects in order to get through the levels. There'll also be one of those little tiny cars and one of those little finger skateboards to ride around on because obviously that is going to be a thing in a game about a hand.

The demo, available immediately, feels like a good slice of what the game wants to be. It's surprisingly tactile and has good feedback for a physics-platformer—which often tend to be more of a frustrating-on-purpose joke. What it doesn't have are all the outrageous and excessive and strange customization features that the trailers and promo artwork for Super Adventure Hand feature. Those will be, presumably, half the fun.

Early feedback from demo players is pretty good stuff. "It's horrifying and I love it," said Steam poster Rest in Pieces. "My mom came in while I was playing and I have no idea how to explain it," said sha.

Remember kids: If you can explain a game to your non-gamer mom, it's probably not very good. That's bad advice but I'm leaving it here anyway.

You can find Super Adventure Hand on Steam, including its free demo. That's good advice. There's also a website.