Here’s a simple trick to make people like you, by psychology experts

It’s something most of us could do with a few tips on – how do you make people like you?

One of the key things to consider is how much information you reveal about yourself, according to IFLScience.

Experts at Harvard Business School found that revealing information about yourself could be a way to make people think better of you – even if it’s information you might ordinarily hide.

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Most of us have a few secrets we tend not to tell people – but people tend to see ‘revealers’ in a positive light, compared to ‘hiders’.

Even in contexts such as job interviews, the mere act of revealing something about yourself can make people think more positively of you, the researchers say.

The researchers write, ‘Given the choice to withhold or reveal unsavory information, people often choose to withhold, but observers rate those who reveal even questionable behavior more positively.

‘When faced with decisions about disclosure, decision makers should be aware not just of the risk of revealing but of what hiding reveals.’