Here’s The Reason Why Stepping On Lego Bricks Can Be So Painful


We’ve all painfully learnt at some point that Lego bricks aren’t just capable of building cool sculptures - they can also double up as the unlikeliest of torture devices if we accidentally step on them.

But now, researchers have explained exactly why the fiendish little bricks are SO painful to stand on - and their strength is the main reason.

Lego bricks are created from ABS plastic, three types of material that combine to give them strength, resistance and their shiny appearance.


This means that they won’t buckle under pressure, and it’s for this reason that they can be so painful.

When we step on them, our weight is concentrated on the contact point - which usually tends to be the sharp edge of the brick.


And because they don’t crumble under pressure, the pressure of your weight is instead sent back into the feet, leaving 200,000 sensory receptors to deliver the mother of all pains.


Keep your lego firmly off the floor, people.

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