Here's why Emma Roberts hasn't worked with her aunt Julia

The "Scream Queens" alum says she's regularly pitched projects with the Oscar winner, but "it's never been the right thing."

As you can imagine, Emma Roberts fields pitches for projects for her and her aunt, Julia Roberts, to costar in a lot. She hopes to say yes to one of them eventually.

"I would love to find the perfect project for me and my aunt, and I know that there will be something," Roberts told Variety in an interview published Friday. "But it's never been the right thing. She's the best, and I want to do something with her. We send each other books and talk about stuff but it hasn't been right."

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<p>Getty(2)</p> Emma Roberts would like to work with her aunt, Julia Roberts


Emma Roberts would like to work with her aunt, Julia Roberts

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Like the rest of us, the daughter of Julia's brother Eric, is a fan of her aunt's work.

"I watch her movies when I'm on location and I'm by myself," Roberts said. "I have movies of hers downloaded on my computer that I watch for comfort. My Best Friend’s Wedding and America's Sweethearts are my safe movies."

Emma actually has an IMDb entry for the latter, in which she played "Girl in Purple T-shirt" in an uncredited role. Both Roberts women were part of the star-studded ensemble cast of the romantic comedy Valentine's Day, which came out in 2010. But the Garry Marshall–directed rom-com featured them in different storylines.

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Emma was influenced, too, by seeing "very up close what [fame] really looks like" at a young age, she told iHeartPodcast's Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi this week.

"Fame has never been the goal," she said, "because fame at a certain level is kind of scary ... when you've seen fame like that up close and you see what that really does to people [and] their families."

Emma's latest project is the July 1 Prime Video film release Space Cadet, in which she plays a Florida party girl who lies her way into in NASA’s astronaut training program.

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