Here's why specialist team and heavy machinery were at landslip-hit Ventnor road

Rock fall wipes out traffic light. <i>(Image: IWCP)</i>
Rock fall wipes out traffic light. (Image: IWCP)

A specialist team has been carrying out survey work on a landslip-hit Isle of Wight road, but a re-opening date is yet to be set.

Back in February, Gills Cliff Road in Ventnor was closed after a land fall wiped out a set of traffic lights.

It is understood boulders came tumbling down some time in the night, and rocks and debris could be seen strewn across the ground near its junction with Castle Road.

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, a specialist rope team was at Gills Cliff Road to carry out further survey work.

Island Roads says this work will help finalise the design of a safety scheme which will protect road users from falling rocks and enable them to re-open the section.

“We can assure residents that we are acutely aware of the effects of the current access issues affecting Ventnor,” said a spokesperson for Island Roads.

“We are working hard to bring about a solution at Gills Cliff Road as soon as we can.”