Here’s what could happen to Earth in the next billion years (and how we’ll all die)

Rob Waugh

In about a billion years’ time, the Sun’s increasing brightness will blast the Earth to the point that all complex life forms will die. The oceans will dwindle away until there are only two ponds left at the Earth’s poles – which will become the last havens of life on our planet.

That cheery prediction is part of an incredible video created by Real Life Lore – which puts together a lot of scientific predictions to create a timeline of the next billion years.

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But if it all sounds too doom-laden, Real Life Lore predicts that by then humanity will have colonised other planets – and evolved into several different species.

It’s a bumpy ride, though, with asteroids, supernovas and supervolcanos to deal with – before everything heats up.

‘Photosynthesis will no longer be possible. All complex life on Earth will die’, the video states.

‘In about a billion years, it will be 47C on average. The atmosphere will turn into a moist greenhouse and the oceans will evaporate.

‘Pockets of liquid water may still exist at the Earth’s poles – which will probably become the last bastions of life on Earth.