Hero River Clyde search dog who helped Glasgow families sadly dies

Hero River Clyde search dog who helped Glasgow families sadly dies <i>(Image: Newsquest)</i>
Hero River Clyde search dog who helped Glasgow families sadly dies (Image: Newsquest)

A hero search dog who has helped Glasgow families for over 10 years has sadly died.

Springer spaniel Barra worked as a victim recovery dog on the River Clyde since he was a young pup until his retirement last year.

The country's only underwater sniffer dog, the 13-year-old managed to retrieve bodies in the water, bringing closure to Glasgow families with missing loved ones.

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

His owner and trainer Iain Marshall has made the sad announcement that Barra has been put to sleep after a short illness.

He said: "It's with great sadness I have to make this post. After a short illness, I had to make the decision to put Barra to sleep.

"Words cannot describe the pain I feel at the moment, but I know deep down it was the right decision for Barra.

"Barra devoted his entire life to helping others right up to the age of 13 years which is remarkable in itself.

"I would like to thank each and every one of you for the support you have given us over those years to which I'm very grateful for.

"Barra and I had such a special bond together and I can't imagine life without him anymore

"I would also like to thank Rachel and everyone at Mackenzie Vets for the care and compassion Barra received over the years, I'm forever grateful to each and every one of you."

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

The Glasgow Times previously spoke to Iain about his experience raising and training Barra, and how close it made them.

He said: “I’m so proud of Barra and the amazing work he’s been able to do.

“We have such a tight bond between us and when I’ve not got him with me, I miss him and feel sort of lost.

“It’s so great working with him over these years because we can just read each other’s minds.

“We work as such a great team.”

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

It was also revealed that a motion had been put forward to induct Barra into the European Animal Heroes Hall of Fame as a recognition of his contribution to search and recovery.