Heroic schoolboys hailed after stopping suicidal man from jumping off bridge

Shawn Young, Devonte Cafferkey, and Sammy Farah have been hailed for their actions (Picture: REX)

Three schoolboys have been hailed as heroes after they stopped a suicidal man from jumping off a bridge, telling him: ‘you’ve got family… it’s not worth it’.

Two weeks ago, Devonte Cafferkey, Shawn Young, and Sammy Farah were heading home from school in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, when they spotted a man sitting over the edge of an overpass with a rope around his neck.

Upon quickly realising the seriousness of the situation, the teenagers rushed to help – with Devonte and Sammy holding onto the man while Shawn sought assistance from elsewhere.

Recalling their heroics on ITV’s This Morning, Devonte said: ‘We ran and got help and we saw a rope around his neck and we were persuading him not to jump.

‘He was crying and wiping his eyes, we said you’ve got family, it’s not worth it.’

The heroic schoolboys appeared on This Morning (Picture: REX)

Their call for help was eventually answered by 47-year-old Joanne Stammers, who then held onto the man until police arrived.

‘We was keeping him calm so he doesn’t quickly jump off’, Devonte said.

Now, the heroic trio have been nominated for a Royal Humane Society Award for their bravery, and there has been calls for them to receive a Pride of Britain award, too.

Describing their bravery, Joanna told the Hertfordshire Mercury: ‘Those little boys are heroes, kids their age might walk past and take the mick but they took it upon his little head to hold him back with all his weight.

‘The boys relaxed when I took over but they were distraught, I kept thinking they need counselling because he had somebody’s life in their hands and if they let go he would have died.’