'He's My Hero': Marley the Service Dog Helps Young Woman With Autism Overcome Panic Attack

Marley, an autism service dog, soothed its owner, Hayley, during a panic attack at her home near Sydney in New South Wales on April 24.

“Due to covid my usual routines have been changed which is a big part of my autism and it all go too much. I felt this attack coming and decided to film it,” Hayley, who prefers not to give out her full name, told Storyful.

The video shows Marley, a one-year-old border collie–kelpie mix, showing his owner persistent affection and providing a hug to help prevent harmful behaviour.

Haley previously told Storyful, “He won’t stop until I listen to him … Notice how he gets his paws between my arms and pulls me to him? He is trained to do that to get me to hug him.”

Hayley added that her aim is to raise awareness around what sensory overload attacks can look like, whilst continuing to ensure others get the help they need. She also wants to highlight how crucial autism service dogs can be.

“Marley’s my hero. Plain and simple.” Credit: marleytheservicecollie via Storyful