Hidden glove box feature drivers 'need to know' about for summer heatwave

Drivers are finding out about a hidden function in their cars which could help when hot weather returns. A TikTok video has gone viral, sharing the little-known car hack.

It revealed how there is a dial inside some petrol and diesel car glove boxes which could help pump cold air from the air conditioning into the small compartment. The glove box is an ideal size for drinks and packed lunches but can get very warm in the hot weather.

Turning on the air conditioning and activating the dial could keep refreshments cool. The clip has received more than 775,000 likes, with more than 63,000 bookmarking it to watch again later.

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TikTok channel @kyran said: "Did anyone know about this? If you turn a fan on in a car and put on the air conditioning inside the glove box there’s actually a vent. If you turn it, it’s blowing out cold air now.

"As it's coming up to summer now and inside a car the drinks get boiling hot you can literally store your drinks inside the glove box like it's a fridge. Close it and it keeps them ice cold. Share this with someone who needs to know."

More than 13,000 people have commented on the clip with some suggesting the hack is not available in every vehicle, Express reports. One person said: "This just depends on the car you have."

Another added: Yeah my A1 ain’t fitting no drinks in the glove box." But motoring expert @lev.films said owners of most modern vehicles should be able to take advantage of the unique tip.

They said: "Did you know that most cars today have got an air conditioning glove box? Once you've turned your air conditioning on in the car itself, open up the glove box.

"If you have a dial you can turn this on to varying degrees, you can turn it fully on. There’s a symbol there to let you know that is the air conditioning. Now cold air will be blowing out of there straight into your glove box which is a great way to keep your drinks and food cold."