High-flying bottlenose dolphins swim with tourist boat in California

This is the spectacular moment high-flying bottlenose dolphins swam with a tourist boat in California. The pod of bottlenose dolphins emerged from the water as the whale watching boat cruised the area in Newport Beach on Thursday (July 15). The creatures then playfully glided through the water beside the boat while alternately jumping from the surface to keep up. Jessica Roame, Education Manager for Davey’s Locker & Newport Landing Whale Watching, said: ‘These dolphin are extremely intelligent, and often will swim next to our boat and play in the wake or waves we create when moving through the water. ‘These particular bottlenose dolphins decided they wanted some high flying action, leaping 10ft into the air multiple times to the delight of everyone on board. ‘Now, these dolphins are not small by any means, in fact, they are much larger than an average-sized person, weighing in at 1,300lbs and reaching lengths of up to 12ft long! ‘To imagine that these guys are able to hurl their bodies out of the water with such effortlessness is incredible.’

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