High-rise building in Hong Kong goes up in huge flames and is left seriously damaged

A fire broke out in a 40-storey high-rise building under construction on March 2, in Hong Kong leaving two people injured. In the video filmed by Ms Shu, a tourist, the fire quickly spread to the Telecom building, the Far East Building, the Sheraton hotel, and the Chongqing hotel. Residents were evacuated. According to Shu, the building was suspected to have caught fire on the top floor first, and as the fire spread, burning debris spread around and to the ground. The fire brigade and police rushed to the scene to put out the fire and keep people away. The fire burned for nine hours and was brought under control shortly at 8 am the next day. What caused the fire is still unknown and under investigation. It is understood that the building used to be the site of Hong Kong's "Seafarers' Club". In 2018, Walter Kwok, a famous entrepreneur, invested 6 billion yuan to rebuild the building. It was originally expected to open in 2023. The video is provided by Ms Shu with permission.