‘Hilarious and heartbreaking’: This Is Going to Hurt fans are applauding ‘phenonemal’ NHS drama

This Is Going to Hurt viewers have praised the “hilarious and heartbreaking” drama, as it prompted NHS workers to reflect on their experiences at work.

The series – which premiered on BBC One on Tuesday (8 February) night – is created by comedian and former doctor Adam Kay and based on his bestselling 2017 memoir of the same name.

Set in an NHS hospital, This Is Going to Hurt takes a look at the toll that the job takes on a young healthcare worker in the obstetrics and gynaecology department, played by Ben Whishaw.

The first episode has been highly praised by viewers, with one person tweeting: “Watching the hilarious and heartbreaking #ThisIsGoingToHurt a reminder of the human emotions behind every tired, scared and fallible healthcare professional.

“A reminder to all take care of and look out for each other.”

Another added: “Both hilarious and heartbreaking, This Is Going to Hurt confirms Ben Whishaw’s status as one of our very finest actors.”

The drama also prompted many to reflect on their times working in the NHS.

“#ThisIsGoingToHurt I have been that Dr who has had racist comments from a patient and everyone kept quiet because they weren’t sure what to say,” one viewer posted.

“Hopefully the importance of being an anti-racist and what that means is becoming clearer. Thanks @amateuradam for highlighting that!”

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The series is available in its entirety on BBC iPlayer.