Hilarious Irishman sent on wild 'bike path' by Google Maps while holidaying in Spain

A man looking to take the scenic route home on a fold-up bike endured a 'treacherous' journey in 30-degree heat after Spanish Google Maps recommended a 'nightmare' out-of-the-way route.

Video shows truck driver Adam McCormack, 33, on his route home from the supermarket in Nerja, Andalusia, after he is heard saying he wanted to take "the scenic route" back.

But Google Maps had other plans and sent him off the beaten path to a beaten-up track that he described as something "the best mountain biker in the world" wouldn't be able to tackle.

To make matters worse, Adam, who is six-foot-five, was on a tiny fold-up bike carrying his shopping home.

He not only had to navigate the treacherous course but carry six beers, a bottle of red wine, a bottle of white wine, cooking oil, croquettes, gyozas, ham, cheese, tostadas, olives, nuts, chicken wings and pork belly.

The out-of-the-way journey saw Adam traipsing through what looked like a drainage ditch surrounded by fences with nothing in the shot to indicate it was a bike path.

Adam, from Dublin, said: "I went to Lidl to buy some stuff for dinner as myself and my girlfriend have been travelling around Spain in a van I converted.

"I walked outside of Lidl and entered the campsite name into Google Maps and it gave me two options.

"One was the way I came, by the road, straight and easy, which would have taken seven minutes.

"The other route available was a winding road that seemed to be a shortcut, although it said it was eight minutes."

Adam decided to risk taking the longer route as he expected it to be nicer than the main road, despite it being marginally longer.

He added: "After about five minutes of descent of an uneven, rubble-laden pathway things started to get really bad.

"I actually googled how to suggest a change in a recommended cycle path on Google Maps and tried to list the last part of the route in question as impassable."

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