Hilarious moment art installation goes wrong drenching worker in rainbow-coloured foam due to high winds

An art installation went horribly wrongly - drenching a worker in endless waves of rainbow-coloured foam whipped up by high winds.

Island of Foam: Version XVIII by German artist Stephanie Luening involved foam being poured through a street in Greenwich, London.

But the worker became an unexpected hero, holding her position in the street, trying to fight back the foam after it blew backwards.

Onlookers said she remained in position the entire show, which lasted over 20 minutes, apparently unable to move because she was responsible for changing the colours.

The woman, who hasn't been named, came to take a bow at the end with the artist.

Tom Davis, a student living in London, was shopping in the area when he captured the hilarious mishap on video.

He said: "It wasn't really windy when it started.

"The foam was going down these stairs, and then all of a sudden, after like, five seconds it all started going backwards.

"It lasted about twenty minutes, maybe a bit more, and this woman was stuck under the foam the whole time."

Tom said the woman seemed to be responsible for changing the colours of the foam, meaning that she couldn't move at all.

"When she arrived she was dressed really smart, like she was going out for the afternoon, smart casual, and when she left she was just completely drenched," he said.

"The artist was dressed for it - she was in this overalls, but this woman obviously didn't know what she was in for.

"Everyone there though it was really funny, she became the main character of the whole thing.

"I didn't see where she went after but she came to take a bow at the end with the artist, so she became a part of the exhibition."

The installation took place by the O2 arena on August 3.