Hilarious moment cat launches himself at screen showing squirrel

Watch the hilarious moment a cat saw a squirrel on a video – and launched himself at the screen. Eddie, the feline companion of Bonnie Collier, 17, gave his family the shock of their lives when he took a dive for the computer screen. Energetic Eddie, from Eccles, Greater Manchester and goes sailing towards the floor after attempting to catch the squirrel he saw on the computer. The cat, who sadly passed away recently, even dragged the computer keyboard down with him as he hit the deck in the chaotic clip, filmed last January. Tracey Timmins, 46, mum of Eddie’s owner Bonnie, said luckily Eddie wasn’t hurt – but it did give the family a shock - and this hilarious clip is what they will remember Eddie by. Tracey said: “Bonnie would put screensavers on the computer screen of birds or other wildlife and normally he would just sit and watch for hours. “But for whatever reason, this time he just flew at the monitor. “It made us all jump – but he got the biggest shock! “As soon as we knew he wasn’t hurt, we started laughing straight away – and we still laugh a year on.”

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