Hilarious moment fishmonger chases hungry seal from his shop caught on camera

Alexandra Richards
Mr Hagarty has been feeding Sammy the seal for five years: Derek Byrne/Twitter

A hilarious image has emerged of a fishmonger chasing a hungry seal out of his shop.

Marketing manager, Derek Byrne, 36, was driving through Wicklow, in Dublin, Ireland, when he saw a grey seal in the middle of the road being pursued by frustrated business owner Alan Hagarty.

Sharing the amusing snap on Twitter, he wrote: “Just witnessed this giant seal being chased out the door of a fishmongers shop in Wicklow town.”

Mr Byrne told the Standard that the cheeky critter returned "five seconds" after the fishmonger shooed it back into the water.

Speaking to the Standard, Mr Byrne said: “I drove around the corner to see the seal in the middle of the road and flopping back to the water with the fishmonger hot on his heels.”

He continued: “The water level was a good two feet below the quays so he's clearly well able to jump up onto the road - I imagine this is a regular feeding spot for him. He was back in the water about five seconds after I took the picture."

Mr Bryne's post has been retweeted over 20,000 times in just 24 hours.

Mr Hagarty, who opened Fishman’s fishmongers in 2012, said the seal, called Sammy, has been visiting the shop for the past five years.

“He used to come three times a day at 9am, 1pm and 4 pm,” he said.

Mr Hagarty added that Sammy’s visits became less frequent after Fishman’s expanded to include a seafood restaurant in 2015.

But, he admitted it is not unusual for the seal to pop in for dinner.

Fishman's staff feed Sammy two kilos of fish when he visits so that he “remains loyal and isn’t dependent” on them, the owner added.

He announced that the fishmongers plan to hold a competition for locals to name Sammy’s female friend, who has appeared at the shop with him, on the seal’s Facebook page.