Hilarious moment monkey is guest star at high school celebration in India

The unexpected appearance of a monkey at a golden jubilee celebration of a high school in India made an amusing sight for the spectators.

The incident took place on December 23 in a small town of Athagad located in Cuttack district, Odisha.

Visuals show the monkey hop on the stage, taking the crowd by surprise.

The speaker is seen stopping his speech midway to accommodate the presence of the unexpected visitor.

Staff present on the scene tries various methods to chase the primate off the stage.

Even the lure of sweets did not convince the mammal to move.

Later an attendant is seen pushing the beast out of the stage, the stubborn mammal refused to bulge and hops back.

The antics of the staff and the animal left the crowd in splits.

The incident ended on a funny note with the monkey becoming the center of attention instead of the chief guest, the governor of the state.