Hilarious moment stray dog steals lunchbox from delivery rider in Brazil

This is the hilarious moment a stray dog stole a lunchbox from a food delivery rider in Brazil.The curious brown dog approached as the worker pulled over his scooter to bring a meal to a customer's home in Para on September 11.However, while waiting for the resident to open his door, the packed rice and fish fell from the bag which the stealthy dog picked up in a matter of seconds before fleeing the scene.When the customer answered, rider Roseilson Melo was confused as the food disappeared until they discovered through CCTV who the culprit of the case of the missing lunch was.CCTV footage shows the dog smelling the lunch quickly before picking it up and running across the street to enjoy the warm food.Restaurant owner Tharles Costa said: ‘The customer couldn't believe the food was gone. The delivery guy arrived here bewildered, not knowing what to do.‘After all, he didn't see the dog. We decided to go to the place and ask for the video from the security cameras. That's when we saw everything that happened.'The surveillance camera footage revealed that the dog was already eyeing the bag because it smelled good until the backpack fell over.The stray then rushed to enjoy the free lunch leaving the rider and the customer baffled.Food rider Roseilson returned to the area to bring food to the pooch to resolve everything.He said: 'They thought I was the one who ate it but it was this smart dog. Everything is fine now and resolved without a fight.