Shhh - stop monkeying around! Tired orangutan demands silence from noisy zoo visitors

Simon Garner
Keep the noise down! The orangutan puts his fingers into his ears to drown out the noise just like a human would

This is the hilarious moment a grumpy orangutan decided to get a bit of peace and quiet - by sticking his fingers in his ears.

After playing up for excited zoo visitors calling out his name and taking pictures, the tired ape decided enough was enough and went for a rest.

But with the noise still so loud calling desperately for him to come back he ended up putting his fingers into his ears to drown out the noise just like a human would.

And it certainly seemed to work - as visitors at Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia eventually got bored waiting for him and moved on to the next animal to look at.

The amazing moment was captured by keen photographer Robertus Pudyanto, 41, who couldn't believe his eyes as the human-like behaviour unfolded in front of him.

Robertus, from Surabaya, Indonesia, said: "People were calling out to him to see if he would come over and do something funny or so they could give him some fruit.

"After a while he appeared to have had too much fun and went for a lie down.

"But there was still so much noise he seemed to be getting really annoyed by it so he sat looking at everyone with his fingers blocking his ears.

"It was very clever of him to act that way and I was just happy to have had my camera with me so I could start photographing straight away.

"It was very funny and I have never seen anything like it before - and I would be surprised if I ever saw it again."