Peter Kay scene resurfaces after BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood’s ‘doggers’ blunder on live TV

Jacob Stolworthy
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A scene from Peter Kay comedy series Car Share has resurfaced online after a blunder involving a BBC weather presenter.

Carol Kirkwood was presenting a segment live from Greenwich Park, London, when she mistakenly said there were lots of doggers in the area on Monday morning.

Kirkwood, who quickly corrected herself, had meant to say there were many dog walkers and joggers out and about due to the high temperature.

She said: “Look at it. Fabulous. The sun is beating down. We’ve seen lots of doggers – not doggers of course, lots of dog walkers and joggers around here over the course of this morning.”

In the wake of the moment, many Twitter users started sharing a “classic” scene from the BBC sitcom starring Kay and Sian Gibson.

In it, Gibson’s character Kayleigh Kitson tells a visibly shocked John Redmond (Kay) that she regularly goes dogging with her octogenarian neighbour Ken.

“You’ve opened my eyes,” an incredulous John replies, asking: “You went dogging?!”

As the conversation continues, he realises that Kayleigh meant to say she goes dog walking. When he points this out, she chides him for thinking otherwise.

“So, you go dog walking – you don’t go dogging,” he tells her.

“Well, it’s the same thing,” she replies. ”Dog walkers are doggers. I even have a car sticker that says ‘Dogging’s for life – not just for Christmas.’ People are always beeping.”

Kirkwood apologised for her mistake on Twitter shortly after it happened.

“That will teach me to try and say joggers and dog walkers in the same sentence!!! Sorry!” she wrote.

People highlighted the Car Share scene, with one writing: “I’m crying with laughter as it brought back memories of my favourite episode of Car Share.”

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