Hilarious video shows 'head-banging' parrot bopping head to music

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This hilarious video shows a 'rock 'n roll parrot' head-banging in perfect unison with a guitarist. 

Music teacher Benji Bartlett, 46, met George the parrot via a friend and immediately bonded over a love of tunes.

They have now joined forces to create a heart-warming musical performance that was caught on camera.


In the footage, George can be seen perfectly flapping and lifting his feathers in time with the improvised strumming.


Benji, of Bath, Somerset, said: "It's a brilliant thing when a human being gets to improvise with a creature.

"If you can improvise with music it's just the best way of communicating."

Benji said he was introduced to George through a friend from Leicestershire.

He added: "When they introduced me to their pet parrot, I didn't realise I would end up jamming and have a musical conversation - it was so uplifting.

"I'm hoping I can visit him again soon and do some more creative stuff.

"The craziest thing about all of this is out of all the things I've done in my life this is the most memorable." 

Benji spoke of the initial courting period between him and George and was shocked by his brilliant moves.

"I didn't realise these parrots can live up to 80, 90, 100 years. But this youngling was only in the mid to late 20s to early 30s, but its improvisation skills were so damn good," he added.

"We spent a little bit of time chilling out just till we got to know one another.

"Then we played a little thing and George would answer."