Hilarious video shows a Highland calf enjoying a game of swingball after invading a garden

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This hilarious video shows a Highland calf enjoying a game of swingball after invading a garden.

The young calf was grazing in the back garden of a holiday cottage near Glenelg, in the West Highlands, when it turned its attention to a swingball swet.

It started playing with the string before attempting to take the ball in its mouth - to the astonishment of holidaymaker Lee Graham, 31, who was having a coffee at 6.30am.

Another calf could be standing shyly behind the bolder one.

Dad-of-two Lee started filming it - and said it made his day.

His sons Ollie, eight and Riley, ten, have been getting up early to watch the cows grazing and were thrilled when the calf started playing with their swingball set.

The family, from the Lake District, Cumbria, were particularly keen to see wildlife on their trip to Scotland and were delighted when two young cows began visiting.

Vehicle technician Lee said:  "We're currently on a family break in the Scottish Highlands, where this happened in our cottage garden.

"It has been so nice to see so much wildlife in this part of the world.

"But seeing this whilst having our morning coffee at 6.30 m on a stunning, calm morning was brilliant.

"The boys have been getting up early each morning to watch the Highland cows grazing the grass in the garden - but found it brilliant when one of the young ones began swingball.

"The young calf was just grazing the grass before heading for a game of swingball.

"The other one wasn't too keen by the looks of it.

"It didn't eat the tennis ball as many have said it could have.

"We removed the ball from the pole just after the video in case the calf did try and eat it later on.

"It was a hilarious thing to wake up to."

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