Hilarious video shows pub owner grilling bacon with hair straighteners

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Hilarious video shows a pub owner grilling freshly cooked bacon - with a pair of hair straighteners and an ironing board.

Craig Harker has his own channel dedicated to the strange methods of cooking food.

Craig, who owns and runs the George Pub and Grill in Stockton-on-Tees, says the iron came up trumps out of the two - but won't be bringing it into his own kitchen.

He said: "Using an iron is quickest way I've seen bacon cooked. I think it's all about the amount of heat going through it.

"I'm not going start selling bacon sarnies from pub cooked from an iron but it's an option if I have nothing else."

Craig hosts the channel 'Eat of the Week' -which looks at cooking delicious food using strange, and often dangerous, methods.

Craig, 34, added: "I love food and competitive eating. I'm a chef and this is a massive passion.

"It's about finding massive hacks for food. We'll do it all in a safe studio, so people don't have to do it at home."