Hilarious videos show the trials of keeping sugar gliders as pets

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A teenager who is caring for two sugar gliders has shared the humor involved with keeping the unusual pets in her home. 

Michalani Poloa, 16, has been obsessed with the idea of keeping the nocturnal gliding possums since she was in the fourth grade. 

Finally, two months ago, her mom Michealle Poloa relented and bought two of them for her, and so far the results have been hilarious. 

"They never stay still and they're always gliding around my room and into my face, or they bat me with their little hands," said Michalani, an American Samoan who lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

"They can glide about five feet, but we don't want to keep them in the cage very often because gliding is what they love to do.

"They always like to sit in my hands, or be carried around in their carry case, they like to be near me all the time."  

Caring for the two five month-old marsupials, named Joy and Coco, has not been an easy process for Michalani. 

"They're nocturnal so at the moment I get up every hour in the night to play with them so they're not too bored and restless, but eventually I should be able to train them so that they are awake more in the daytime and less at night. 

"They're just babies now, less than one pound each, but they won't get much bigger than this." 

Michalani's mom Michealle, 46, who takes care of disabled children, has grown to love the fruit-eating creatures almost as much as her daughter. 

"She's wanted sugar gliders since she was about 10 years old but I kept saying "no."  

"But this year she was being so good and really showing me that she can take care of things, so I went out and bought two of them for her. 

"It was a learning curve to get used to them, but they're super cute and they love to interact with us and jump around the house. 

"They come from the jungle and they like to leap about, so we let them have as much freedom as possible, we want to give them the best environment that they can possibly have in a domestic setting." 

While Michalani has been working hard to care for her bug-eyed friends she warns that they are not a pet that just anyone should get. 

"They are a lot of work, especially when they are babies like mine, and you have to get more than one, so they have companionship.  

"I'm still a bit scared of them, when they leap at my face it's crazy. 

"They can scratch a little bit at first too," warned Michealle. 

"But they're a lot of fun to play with and they love to play with each other or snuggle up in their little pouch together."

"We hope the videos will make people laugh during this difficult time in the world."