'Hill is maintained for all wildlife, not just lazy dog owners'

Tree felling at St Catherine's Hill <i>(Image: NQ)</i>
Tree felling at St Catherine's Hill (Image: NQ)

I READ the article in your paper about the dog walkers’ complaints about the tree felling on St Catherine’s Hill.

For over 60 years we have enjoyed many hours as children and taken our own children and grandchildren on walks sometimes with dogs, so have no problem with dogs on the hill - just with the amount of dogs mess many walkers fail to clean up.

The hill is maintained for the benefit of all wildlife not just for the benefit of some selfish lazy dog owners.

Having suffered a stroke I am no longer able to enjoy walking on the hill and enjoy the fantastic views across the valley – the only consolation is not having to spend ages cleaning dogs mess from shoes.

My message to the moaning dog walkers is be grateful to the groups trying to recreate the natural habitat for us to enjoy.

In the future, hopefully, dog walkers will take note.


Brisbane Road, Christchurch