'Get Him!' Onlooker Laughs as Turkey Chases Mail Truck in Nebraska

An antagonistic wild turkey chased after a postal truck delivering mail in Grand Island, Nebraska, eliciting laughter from a delighted onlooker.

This video taken by Nicholas Olesen, who said he filmed it on May 2, shows a turkey gobbling at the USPS worker in the truck, obstructing their vehicle, and then running behind the truck.

“Get him!” shouts Olesen at the turkey, laughing as the bird quickly catches up with the vehicle.

Olesen told Storyful he saw the bird chase the postal worker down the entire block.

“Every time the mailman would reach his hand out the window to put mail in boxes, the turkey would gobble at him,” Olesen said. Credit: Nicholas C. Olesen via Storyful

Video transcript

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Something you don't see every day.


Get him!

Oh, that's funny.

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