Hindu right targets Bollywood actor Aamir Khan yet again for ‘hurting religious sentiments’

Aamir Khan features in an advertisement that shows  a gender-swapped observation of a Hindu wedding ritual (AFP via Getty Images)
Aamir Khan features in an advertisement that shows a gender-swapped observation of a Hindu wedding ritual (AFP via Getty Images)

A local state minister from India has “requested” Bollywood star Aamir Khan to avoid featuring in advertisements that “hurt religious sentiments”.

The 57-year-old Muslim actor was trolled on social media by right wing users after featuring in a new advertisement for a bank that features him and actor Kiara Advani participating in a gender-swapped observation of a Hindu wedding ritual.

On Wednesday, central Madhya Pradesh state’s home minister Narottam Mishra, who has criticised a progressive interpretation of a Hindu ritual in an advertisement before as well, said he “requests” Khan to not be a part of such campaigns.

The 50-second AU Small Finance Bank ad shows Khan and Advani as newlyweds driving back home after their marriage ceremony.

The couple discuss how neither of them cried during their post-wedding ceremony – known as bidai or farewell.

The ad then shows Khan moving into his bride’s house – contrary to the Hindu tradition of the bride shifting into the groom’s house.

Khan then explains how small changes can help bring about bigger transformations.

“I have seen actor Aamir Khan’s advertisement for a private bank after receiving a complaint,” Mishra said, as per Hindustan Times. “I request him to not do such advertisements by keeping the Indian traditions and customs in mind.”

“I do not consider it appropriate. Such things about Indian traditions, customs, and deities keep coming, especially [from] Aamir Khan,” he added.

“The sentiments of a particular religion are hurt by such acts.”

Right wing social media users also threatened to close their accounts with AU Small Finance Bank.

“I just fail to understand since when Banks have become responsible for changing social and religious traditions?” tweeted right-wing filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri.

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