Historians believe the Holy Grail and the lost Ark of the Covenant could be hidden underneath a house in Burton-on-Trent

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A real-life Indiana Jones believes he may have found the secret location of the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant - under a house in Staffordshire. History expert David Adkins is convinced the priceless treasures, which were taken from Jerusalem in 1307, were stashed beneath Sinai Park House in Burton-on-Trent. He claims to have uncovered links between the Grade II listed property and the Knights Templar who concealed the Ark and Grail. David is now hoping to search the labyrinth of tunnels beneath the 14th century house to prove the Holy Grail and Ark were hidden there. David, 50, said: "I've been researching it for 34 years, so I've really got a complete history of the place and looked into archives that no one had touched before. "There are so many pointers that when Knights Templar left La Rochelle in 1307 we know they had the treasure. "And they sailed away into the night and was never seen again. "There are theories about Oak Island in Nova Scotia and Roslyn Chapel in Scotland but it has never been found. "Sinai House is the most obvious place once you get inside the mind of a medieval Templar. "The name Sinai really shouts at you from the pages of history because you have got no other ancient house with that name. "It is referred to as Sinai for the first time in 1410 and the Templars only left Jerusalem in 1307. "The key thing is that Burton Abbey only took possession of that house in at the same time as the Templars were trying to conceal that horde. "I think they adapted the tunnels to conceal whatever they brought from Jerusalem. It is the most likely place they would've come. "We know there is really strong evidence they brought manuscripts and gold from the Temple of Solomon in 1307." David said the family living in Sinai House left in the early 1300s as the Templars were trying to hide the loot. Burton Abbey then took over the house which was hidden by Needham Forest and flanked by a steep drop to the Trent Valley. In 1880 a dig took place beneath Sinai House and archaeologists reached half-a-mile underground before being forced back by fumes. The house's current owner Kate Murphy has now given David permission to search the vast caverns under her home in a bid to solve the mystery. David added: "With the owner's permission I'd like to do a geophysical scan and then it depends on what that finds. "I've had a few meetings with Kate and I think it would be great to do a scan. "It sounds bizarre, it sounds incredible but I think it is all there. "It's a historical fact these things did exist, they've never been found and we've got a very plausible case they're under Sinai House." Kate, 56, who bought the house for £50,000 in 1994, said: "Sinai has an amazing energy and always pulls the people that it needs towards it. "It's a hugely important site and I first saw it with my late husband David in 1990 because we liked timber framed houses. "We got pulled in by the site and that's what Sinai does to people. "I'm totally wedded to the idea that there is something there. "Anything that would be found belongs here and I hope it could stay because it is what gives Sinai House its power. "I think the theory is very good, well researched and I'm very impressed by David's work. "I'm very excited about it and it's not cynicism about the story that I think it is unlikely something will be found - that is because of the inaccessibility of the tunnels. "There is plenty more evidence in the house like the wall paintings of the tabernacle that there is something going on. "Since David first came to see me I've been very happy with his work and think his theory is very plausible. "It is really exciting story and I'm very positive about it because I think it explains a lot about Sinai."

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