Historical group eyes up former Post Office site on Maybole High Street for new heritage hub

The former post office on Maybole High Street could have a new life as a heritage hub
-Credit: (Image: Google Street View)

Carrick History Society is seeking the views of the public over the possibility of taking ownership of the former post office on Maybole High Street.

The community group reckons the building could be ideal for a possible heritage hub, exhibition space, museum and for a variety of other functions. And the group is keen to hear feedback on their proposals.

And if they garner enough support, they would then submit an application to the Scottish Land Fund in the first steps on the road to ownership at the site.

The group said on their social media page: “The board of Carrick History Society are looking at the possibility of purchasing the former Post Office building (3 High Street, Maybole) through application to the Scottish Land Fund.

“This would be to use the building as a heritage hub that would incorporate exhibition space, a museum, visitor information point, retail space, and heritage crafts (weaving, spinning, glasswork, pottery and woodwork). Further funding applications would be required to run the project for three years after which a sustainability plan would carry the project forward.

“This is by no means a certainty and at this very early stage, we are simply seeking your views on the project.”

The post goes on: “North Carrick does not currently have a community space that is solely themed around heritage and from previous consultations, we know this is something that is desired in the community. Now is your opportunity to have your say.”

You can submit a comment on their Facebook page. Alternatively, you can e-mail the society secretary, Alison, at secretary@carrickhistory.scot or fill in their survey here.

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