HMRC confirms next Child Benefit payment date after system failure causes widespread disruption

HMRC has confirmed the next Child Benefit payment date, following a system chaos that occurred today. HMRC issued an apology after payments failed to land in bank accounts on Monday (June 3), assuring that those who normally receive their payments on the next date - Tuesday June 4 - would receive them on time.

The organisation stated via Twitter (X): "We are working to get payments out as quickly as possible to those people who were expecting their Child Benefit today but didn't get it. We are sorry for the delay and will give an update here soon. Payments due on Tuesday will be made on time."

In response, one claimant expressed frustration: "We're now at 3.30 and still nothing In my bank will it be today." Another angrily questioned: "How's that helping people from today? People need to know before you finish today when it's being paid. Just look on twitter, there's people who can't get food for tonight, people sat in their homes with no electricity etc... 'we're working to get it out' doesn't help."

A third person vented: "Let's not worry about Tuesday's payments. Sort out the 10000s you've screwed over today with this issue. Thankfully I had a few pennies so I could get to work, and buy a couple of essentials for my daughter but no time frame and lack of updates for us is ridiculous," reports Birmingham Live.

A fourth asked: "Reiterating the same thing from earlier isn't an update. Will we actually be paid today? What was the issue? Why did you ignore it last week?"

Another said: "I'm currently sat with no electric as supplier won't help either and my kids been unable to go to school. I don't have anyone to help me out and need my payment that I should of received today. My anxiety is going up and up and a timeframe would help us all know where we stand."

Another said: "In 14 years, I've never had a problem getting my CB on time. I was very surprised by this issue. Hopefully, it'll be rectified quickly. I feel for anyone who was relying on this money this morning. Fingers crossed payments go in later today."

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