HMRC explains what NOT to do if you're missing Child Benefit payment

HMRC has warned Child Benefit recipients "don't call" as it "won't help" while they try to fix the missing payments issue today. Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert, has shared the warning via his Twitter, now X account, on Monday June 3.

Martin wrote: "It request people DON'T call it right now about this (it won't help till they sort. We'll update when we hear more)." One parent said: "Child Benefit hasn't gone in. Seeing some kids unable to get to school because of no bus fare and others with no money for food.

"Miss that one tiny payment and we're all f***ed. That's how poor they keep us." Another parent asked the tax department: "Can we at least be informed when child benefit will be paid for the ones now in overdraft due to bills!"

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A third shared: "@HMRCgovuk What an absolute disgrace You have had since Friday to solve this child benefit payment issue, but everyone kept getting the same generic message to wait till today. Millions of kids off school and not fed today due to your incompetence!"

A fourth said: "@HMRCgovuk You’ve been well aware of the child benefit issue since Friday afternoon when people who normally receive it early didn’t and all you could advise was to wait. Well, we’ve waited, and funnily enough, you haven’t paid it is the issue! This is a cock up of massive proportions…"

The benefit, claimed by more than 7 million households across the UK, is usually paid every four weeks on a Monday or a Tuesday. Families with one child receive £1,331 per year, and they can also receive £881 per year for each additional child they have after that.

"Is there any way, we can help those in urgent need? I’m happy to do so for local families," a fan asked Mr Lewis today.