HMRC issue message to anyone 'expecting their Child Benefit today'

HMRC has issued an update to people waiting for their child benefit payment
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HMRC has issued an update on people expecting to receive their Child Benefit payments today.

Many parents have shared their frustration after they didn't receive the financial support. There had been many reports of parents hadn't received the monthly payment, that usually comes at the end of each month, over the weekend

Parents were told to expect the payment on Monday, June 3, however thousands have still not received the benefit this morning. HMRC issued a statement on social media earlier today to apologise for the delay.

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A spokesperson has taken to X this afternoon to issue a new statement as they said: "We are working to get payments out as quickly as possible to those people who were expecting their Child Benefit today but didn't get it. We are sorry for the delay and will give an update here soon.

"Payments due on Tuesday will be made on time." Earlier this morning, a spokesperson said: "We’re sorry that some customers’ Child Benefit payments have not arrived as scheduled and we are working urgently to resolve the issue.

"There's no need for customers to call us and we will provide updates here as soon as they are available." Many parents took to social media to get in touch with HMRC regarding the missing payment and how this has now impacted them.

Writing on X, one person said: "We're heavily reliant on the child benefit payment on a Monday - I've got nothing now for food for my child."

Another added: "Like many others my child benefit has not gone in today, I’m now left like many other parents short especially as it goes towards our food shopping what is going on?"

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis also asked on X whether people had not received the Child Benefit payment, he said: "Are you expecting a child benefit payment today. If so has it been paid. Some seem to be reporting missing payments?"

Hundreds of people shared their experience with the missing payment. One mum said: "Mine hasn't been paid either, I had to send my child with coins to pay for his dinner money as I can't pay online, hopefully it will go in tomorrow."

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