HMRC issues apology and confirms when parents will receive delayed child benefit payment

-Credit: (Image: Shared Content Unit)
-Credit: (Image: Shared Content Unit)

Around half a million people who were shocked not to receive their scheduled child benefit payments have been promised that the money will be in their accounts within 48 hours.

Around 30% of those scheduled to receive payments on Monday morning reported that the money had not been transferred as is normally the case every four weeks. HMRC initially said there was no issue, and urged people to check their bank accounts, before later admitting there had been a problem. You can get the latest WalesOnline newsletters e-mailed to you directly for free by signing up here.

Money-saving expert Martin Lewis contacted HMRC and was told to advise people not to contact them personally as they were working on the matter “urgently”, and added that “if people are out of pocket, they should complain to HMRC for redress (so I’d suggest this means if you’ve had a charge as a payment bounced due to no child benefit, note it down and then later try asking it to cover that charge)”.

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HMRC has now confirmed that around 500,000 people were affected and has apologised for the issue, which it says has now been fixed. Child benefit payments will now be made to those affected on Wednesday morning.

A spokesperson for HMRC said: “We are very sorry that some customers did not receive their scheduled Child Benefit payments as expected and we understand the concern and difficulty this may have caused. We have now fixed the problem and are putting measures in place to prevent this from happening again.

“Affected customers will now receive their payments on Wednesday morning (5th June). Anyone who has incurred a direct financial loss because of the delayed payment can apply for redress by completing our online complaints form.”

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