Holly and Phillip got stranded on Thames River live on This Morning

Mike P Williams
Phil and Holly found themselves in deep water. (Getty)

Live TV really is unpredictable, as This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield found out when they got stranded in the middle of the River Thames.

Filming a segment while aboard the HMS Belfast, things went awry when they boarded a boat to cruise down the famous river and back to the studio. However, things didn’t quite go to plan when the boat came to a complete stop and they found themselves stuck in the middle of the water.

‘Have we got a leak?’ asked Holly, 37. ‘They need to change the fuel bag, we’ve run out of fuel!’

‘We’re going to have to row,’ she quipped.

Holly and Phil got stranded live on air. (ITV)

Everyone was starting to get a little worried, as the pair were desperately trying to get back to the ITV studio to relieve Allison Hammond, 43, from having to present the entire show on her own.

‘You are joking me!’ exclaimed Phil, 55. ‘Seriously, Alison, you may be doing the rest of the show.’

‘What happens if we get stuck?’ Holly asked in a half-joking, half-serious way, but the worry soon ended when a few Navy officers got them to shore shortly after the ordeal.


Holly and Phil got stranded live on air. (ITV)

‘I do hope your stalling in the middle of the river doesn’t cost you too many beers,’ Phil joked to one of the Naval officer. ‘You’re never going to live that down.’

Naturally, people watching in the warmth (and dryness) of their homes found the entire escapade highly amusing.

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