Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield blast Boris Johnson for ‘lack of clarity’

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Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield vented their frustration over Boris Johnson’s address to the nation on Sunday night, saying it has “tipped them over the edge” with its “lack of clarity”.

The This Morning stars criticised the Prime Minister after he announced on Sunday that people who cannot work from home should be “actively encouraged” to return to their jobs, but should avoid public transport if at all possible.

He also granted unlimited exercise and sunbathing in public places as long as social distancing is observed.

People will also be allowed to meet up in a park with one other person from a different household, but fines for breaching the rules will be increased.

Schofield opened the ITV show, saying: “We’ve got to start this morning in a state of utter confusion after last night’s address to the nation by Boris Johnson. His speech created more questions than answers.”

Willoughby added: “And the answers seem to change every half hour.”

She continued: “I think we’re just about holding on we’ve all done so well. We’ve all done exactly as we’ve been told.

“We were doing so well to keep our spirits up, to keep going, to keep going, to keep going, but when there is this level of confusion, it knocks you back.

“When you feel you are just getting to grips with it, you’re just keeping afloat, it just knocks you back again.”

Schofield said the changes had made him unclear on the instructions, adding: “That is the trouble this morning, we now lack clarity, I understood until last night at 7 o’clock, I understood where we were going, I understood what was happening.

“Now I don’t understand, I don’t know what’s happening.”

As they discussed confusion over Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab’s statements over how many people could meet up, Schofield, said: “You literally couldn’t write this, if this was in a farce on the telly I would go ‘That is a bit far-fetched, no government would ask that much.’

“It’s utterly astonishing. We have been really level on here, we have been really sensible on here, but this has just tipped us over the edge today.

“Until maybe somebody, maybe, would come on the show and explain actually what it is you want us to do?

“What are we allowed to do? Are you genuinely saying we can only meet one parent? Can you meet one parent in the morning and another parent in the afternoon? Can you go round to their house or does it have to be outside? What do you mean?”

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