Holly Willoughby's family fears

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Holly Willoughby's family fears credit:Bang Showbiz
Holly Willoughby's family fears credit:Bang Showbiz

Holly Willoughby says she could not cope if her marriage broke down.

The 41-year-old TV presenter has been happily married to TV producer Dan Baldwin since 2007 and says he and their three children are her world.

She told The Daily Mail's Weekend magazine: "If my career tanked tomorrow I know I'd be fine.

"But if something happened with my marriage or my family, that would be the end of my world."

Holly and Dan recently enjoyed two and a half weeks in northern Italy away from their children, as they worked together on 'Freeze The Fear', which Holly hosted and Dan worked on as an executive producer.

She explained: "That was pretty special. Dan and I met through work, we're in the same business, and apart from loving him I have a lot of respect for him and we work really well together.

"Then we had this time without the kids. We'd sit on the balcony of our hotel room drinking Aperol Spritz and eating pizza.

"It was the longest I've ever gone without seeing my children because even when I filmed 'I'm A Celebrity' they all flew to Australia after a week to be with me."

However, Holly admitted not seeing her children for weeks was tough.

She explained: "I was working a week in Italy then flying to London on a Saturday night to film 'Dancing On Ice' on a Sunday. I couldn't go home because of Covid regulations, I had to stick to just two places of filming.

"So Saturday nights, on my own, I cried a lot. Never in front of the kids, but we did a lot of Zooms.

"My mum was with the kids. They were having a wonderful time."

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