Hollyoaks airs Charlie and Leah's fate in drugs story

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks' first-look episode tonight (February 27) saw the continuation of Charlie and Leah's dramatic drugs story involving Vicky Grant.

Previously, viewers knew that Charlie Dean and Leah Barnes were the ones responsible for Vicky's drug overdose the night that she collapsed. Vicky took the blame at first but, the truth has come out.

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At the start of today's episode, the police arrived and announced they'd had a tip off that Leah and Charlie were behind the spiking.

Before being interviewed, Darren advised Charlie to have an airtight story as if he admitted to possession of drugs, he’d end up back in the supply unit.

Charlie and Leah were then simultaneously interviewed by the police. Leah was advised by her dad to answer "no comment". But Charlie began to panic and couldn't answer the police officer's questions properly.

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Later, in an open talk with the adults, Darren admitted to the group that Charlie and Leah had mixed the drink with drugs in it, but did not mean for Vicky to drink it. It was then revealed that Scott was the one who told the police what happened after he'd overhead a conversation between the teens.

At school, Leah and Charlie panicked about the police’s investigation, while Nancy begged Scott to drop the investigation.

"Charlie will face the consequences of his actions, but let us do it in our way," Nancy asked Scott.

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"I lost my one chance at being a dad and I failed her," a distraught Scott told Nancy. He then agreed to tell the police that he made a mistake with the information he gave them.

Charlie and Leah seemed to have escaped punishment from the police, but the familial punishment was still to come. At the end of the episode, Ste tore into Leah.

"This is going to be the biggest punishment of your life, young lady," Ste warned Leah.

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