Hollyoaks airs dramatic outcome of Maxine and Eric’s prison showdown

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Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has aired the outcome of Maxine Minniver and Eric Foster's climactic showdown in prison.

Recent weeks have seen jailed Eric continue to blackmail his reluctant lawyer James Nightingale to arrange an in person meeting with Maxine.

However Maxine had been completely against visiting Eric and was horrified to discover James' continued involvement with the convicted extremist, only agreeing to the visit after an intervention from Ste Hay.

Tonight's (May 5) first look episode saw Maxine come face to face with Eric, with the pair having a dramatic confrontation with each other.

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Maxine arrived at Dee Valley Law before the visit, with James pleading with her to stick to their pre-arranged plan in order to rid Eric from their lives.

At the prison, Eric pretended to feel remorseful for his crimes. However Maxine was quick to cut him off, deciding against her plan with James and revealing she knew about the blackmail situation.

The pair began to argue once more over Eric's incel ideology, with Maxine calling him out for dismissing the hardships she'd faced in life as well as constantly painting himself as a victim.

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"I'm not understanding how you're putting everything that's ever gone wrong in your life on women," she began.

"You made your life this way," Maxine continued, ignoring Eric as he became visibly upset and agitated by her words.

"The only person at fault for how your life is, is you."

The pair's confrontation continued to escalate, with prison guards being called in to escort an out of control Eric back to his cell – but not before Maxine was knocked over, leaving her with a cut to her face.

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