Hollyoaks airs Norma and Misbah twist in post-credits scene

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has aired a surprising twist between Norma Crow and Misbah Maalik, as the family struggles to work out a way to pay for Imran's treatment.

As viewers will know, Imran is currently receiving treatment for his eating disorder at an inpatient clinic. However, with the costs of his treatment adding up, his family have become concerned at how they'll be able to afford it.

With the family under immense pressure to come up with the money, tonight's (January 18) E4 first-look episode saw Misbah thrown a surprise lifeline in the form of Norma Crow.

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Misah previously convinced Norma to go through with life-saving liver transplant surgery for her son Warren after she had been struggling with doubts — with the undertaker quick to make sure her debts had been paid.

Asking Misbah to visit her in hospital, Norma thanked her for the advice and offered her cash in return.

"The reason I've asked you here is because if it wasn't for you, I'd have a dead son and no family. So I'm in your debt and I can't have that," she said, revealing a large bag full of money. However, Misbah was shocked and said she couldn't take it as it was dirty money.

"How could I even explain that kind of cash?" she replied.

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Norma responded that she didn't care what Misbah ultimately chose to do with the money, but hinted it could be used to pay for her son's treatment.

But will Norma's offer be free of any future consequences for the family?

Elsewhere, Shaq and Zain have been left to wondering about ways they can come up with money for Imran, with the pair at odds over Zain's insistence that he needs to provide for the family financially.

After a pep talk from Shaq, Zain insisted that they'll find the money together or not at all.

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