Hollyoaks airs poisoning twist as Cher takes revenge

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Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Cher McQueen has accidentally poisoned her own father Sylver in a botched attempt at revenge in Hollyoaks.

The teen is once again at odds with Mercedes after her stepmother admitted to having a one-night stand with Cher's boyfriend Romeo Nightingale.

Wednesday's (August 25) E4 first-look episode opened with Mercy's world crashing down around her as Sylver walked out, whereas Cher hit out at her for breaking their trust once again.

Photo credit: Lime Pictures
Photo credit: Lime Pictures

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Sylver attacked Romeo in the village, screaming at him with each punch: "That's for sleeping with my wife. That's for breaking Cher's heart."

Back at The Dog, Mercedes tried to explain to Cher that she was trying to earn her and Sylver's trust again by coming clean about the mistake she'd made.

"You didn't come clean because you were honest," Cher pointed out. "You confessed because Donna-Marie pushed you too far. It doesn't matter anyway. There is no future anyway for you and me and dad because we will never, ever trust you again."

Photo credit: Lime Pictures
Photo credit: Lime Pictures

Cher rushed to hospital to see Romeo after finding out about Sylver's attack, and was able to bypass Donna-Marie by revealing she knew about the blackmail.

Romeo admitted to Cher he didn't actually love her, leaving her looking for revenge. Cher spiked the punch in The Dog in the hope of poisoning Mercedes' customers so her stepmum would take the blame.

At the end of the episode, Cher was shown deleting photos of her and Romeo while viewers heard Sylver leaving her a heartfelt message.

Photo credit: Lime Pictures
Photo credit: Lime Pictures

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"You should know that I love you, no matter what happens," Sylver told her.

At the same time, viewers saw Sylver collapsing to the ground, having sipped on the poisoned drink instead of Cher's intended targets.

Photo credit: Lime Pictures
Photo credit: Lime Pictures

Hollyoaks airs new episodes from Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4, with first-look screenings at 7pm on E4. Selected omnibus episodes are available via Amazon Prime Video.

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