Hollyoaks confirms Grace Black’s return as Blue mystery continues

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has confirmed the return of Grace Black, as the mystery surrounding vigilante Blue continues.

Grace has been absent from screens for a few weeks, following her and Freddie Roscoe’s wedding where she planned to escape from prison.

But Freddie backed down from the plan at the last minute, and in an act of desperation, Grace dramatically stabbed herself.

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In her last appearance, she was recovering in hospital, and she hatched her latest scheme by blackmailing her doctor using his phone.

Meanwhile, Freddie is currently facing danger and is under suspicion following Warren’s shock shooting.

This week, Zoe will enquire about a gangster called Blue who has been missing since 2017 – as coloured paint was found on the bullet that shot Warren.

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When it is revealed that the dates tie in with Freddie’s prison stint, Warren believes they have discovered Blue’s identity, and Rex and Warren come up with a plan to get Freddie drunk and make his death look like an accident.

It remains to be seen how their plan unfolds, or how Grace will make her spectacular return, but in scenes that will air next week, she tells Freddie that she needs to get him and Lexi out of the country.

She explains to Freddie that she managed to blag her way out of prison by lying and claiming she was seriously ill.

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Meanwhile, following the events of the previous week, Ste comes round to find Freddie gone and Rex locked in the bathroom – telling him he has one last chance to get Freddie.

But unbeknown to them, Freddie is already in a bad way at the hospital, as he has suffered from secondary drowning and is breathing through a ventilator.

When Misbah tells Grace that her partner has sustained serious injuries, she warns her off.

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Later at Price Slice, Norma overhears Grace telling Cindy about her made-up illness, and decides to speak to her.

Grace is certain that Freddie is not Blue and suggests that they work together – but Rex is already attempting to get to Freddie again.

As Grace fills Cindy in on Blue when she offers her a place to stay, Blue is marking their territory, leaving blue coins around the village and hospital.

Who really is Blue, and what will they do next?

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