Hollyoaks' Dillon and Lucas twist solves big mystery

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks' Dillon has uncovered the true identity of the secret phone snatcher.

Recently it was hinted that a potential romance is on the cards for Misbah's nephew Dillon and Lucas Hay after a flirtatious scene was added to the new opening credits.

In tonight's (August 29) E4 episode, Dillon and Lucas got ready to complete the Earl of Dee awards with Tony leading the group in a meditation session.

After the teens decided to sneak off, Tony tasked them with a different kind of group bonding activity - litter picking. During the unpleasant task, Dillon stumbled upon a hidden bag of stolen phones.

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Admitting to Dillon that he stole the phones to sell them in order to get himself a new one, Lucas said he wanted people to stop laughing at his old model.

"I'm just fed up of everyone taking the mick out of me for my stupid hand-me-down phone," Lucas told Dillon.

Unimpressed, Dillon gave Lucas an ultimatum, confess or he'll tell everyone the truth. "You have to give them back, even if you say you were just pranking us," Dillon said to Lucas.

"You either admit what you've done by tomorrow, or I'll do it for you. It's your choice," he added.

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Meanwhile, Sienna sent Rafe a voice message calling things off with him for good while Ethan looked on.

Following an unexpected meeting in the village, Rafe asked Sienna to talk things through and Ethan's momentary happiness was crushed when he spotted Sienna getting out of Rafe's car.

Elsewhere, Mercedes found out that Sharon and Warren have known about Felix's illegal fighting for weeks and Warren tried to track his friend down before he gets hurt.

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