Hollyoaks' Mercedes and Warren face affair being exposed

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from Monday's episode on Channel 4 streaming, which doesn't air on E4 until Tuesday.

Hollyoaks tonight continued its tense storyline revolving around Warren and Mercedes' affair, with the latter in a relationship with Warren's best friend Felix.

Previously, Felix asked Warren to help him with a theft job after he explained that he wanted to loot a van full of packages in order to be able to afford an engagement ring for Mercedes.

He planned to ask her to marry him, confident that she would say yes, and told Warren that as his best friend, he should help him.

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Earlier on in the episode, Warren tried to warn Felix off the idea, but Felix was dead set on the plan as the garage wasn’t doing well and he needed the money desperately. He impressed upon Felix that getting a good engagement ring for Mercedes was vital to him.

Later, Norma tried to figure out why Warren seemed distracted, sussing out that a woman was at the centre of the problem. She then warned Warren that there were two plain-clothed police officers working in the village and instructed Warren to stop Felix from getting caught.

Warren then told Mercedes of Felix’s plan, but Felix was already putting the robbery into action. He stole the van with Dave still in the back.

Mercedes confronted him in the garage and the two opened the back of the van to find an unconscious Dave.

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Dave woke up and Felix confessed that he was trying to rob him. Luckily for Felix, Dave said that he wouldn’t phone the police and told him just to fix his van and leave him alone.

Warren and Mercedes regrouped in the garage after Felix had left. They celebrated preventing the police from finding out about Felix’s plan, and their celebrations soon turned into more intimate matters.

The pair began to have sex, but they were interrupted by Felix knocking on the door and saying he knew Mercedes was in there. He was seemingly unaware she was with Warren… but for how long?

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