Hollyoaks' Nancy is forced to take drastic action against Charlie

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Nancy Osborne was forced to put her relationship with son Charlie Dean at risk in Hollyoaks, as she pushed forward with her plans to bring discipline to the students of Hollyoaks High.

Wednesday's (March 15) episode saw Nancy struggling to adjust to her new role as headteacher of the school, however she's still determined to stamp out bad behaviour no matter the cost. "We need to send a clear message to the pupils, bad behaviour will not be tolerated," she told Beau Ramsey.

Keen to implement her new rules, Nancy held an assembly highlighting a new focus on rules, reputation and respect.

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The rules quickly got to Charlie, who decided to pull the school's fire alarm to get one back at Nancy as well as win over his fellow students.

"She's running this place like a prison to prove herself, it's pathetic," he raged. "We shouldn't put up with being treated like this."

However, the plan backfired, leaving a furious Nancy threatening to put the entire school into detention until further notice unless the person responsible came forward.

Under the pressure of fellow students, Charlie revealed himself as the perpetrator, receiving a detention for his actions.

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But, after DeMarcus and the other students complained about favouritism, she was forced to take further action — permanently excluding Charlie from school.

"Professionally speaking, Charlie, you put me in a very awkward position," Nancy told her son as the pair arrived home. "And after what you did, you didn't give me a choice," she added, while Darren was visibly shocked to learn about his wife's decision to exclude Charlie when he found out about the ordeal.

But will Nancy's determination to prove herself as headteacher cause a rift in the family?

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