Hollyoaks' Peri Lomax faces consequences of hospital outburst

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Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks continued its Peri Lomax crisis storyline as she tonight faced the consequences of her outburst at the hospital.

Peri and her girlfriend Juliet have only recently returned to the village after spending time in Birmingham so Juliet could continue her cancer treatment, and Peri got Juliet involved with Romeo and Rayne's Eurovision party so that Juliet could have some much-needed fun.

However, Juliet ends up hospitalised after contracting norovirus from Peri, who wasn't wearing a mask. Blaming herself, Peri tried to hand her resignation to hospital bosses but they refused. Peri then smashed up hospital equipment in a fit of rage.

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Right at the start of Monday's (May 1) episode, Peri found out that she had been fired due to her outburst. She told her mum, Leela, that she immediately regretted it and wanted to go straight to the hospital to sort things out.

Leela tried to persuade her daughter to sit down with her and think things through before she did anything but Peri stormed out.

In the hospital, Romeo (Owen Warner) let out his frustrations on Peri, saying that her apologies were like "shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted". Juliet told her girlfriend to do whatever it takes to get her job back, but they were interrupted by Peri's boss, who asked to speak to her.

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Later, Romeo saw Peri crying outside the hospital. Peri told Romeo that she'd been sacked due to "gross misconduct" and that her bosses had told her she was "no longer able to tend to the complex needs of patients".

Viewers rejoined Peri and Romeo after she had told him the whole saga. Romeo sought reassurance from Peri about Juliet's condition but Peri couldn't give him that.

On the verge of a breakdown, Romeo told Peri that she is the only one who understands how angry he feels about Julie'’s cancer. After a touching moment in which the two hugged, Peri returned to the hospital wherein her boss delivered even more bad news.

peri lomax in hollyoaks
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Peri's boss told her that there had been further complaints about her behaviour from the day before and that the complaints found their way to the hospital's board, which had banned her from the hospital.

The boss said that he tried to fight her corner but that the ban was still upheld. Peri refused to leave and the boss was left with no other choice but to call security and have Peri removed from hospital grounds.

Thankfully, Peri removed herself before security had to but things have now deteriorated for the now-former nurse.

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