Hollyoaks' Romeo Nightingale to face false allegations in Rayne story

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Romeo Nightingale is set to face false allegations amid the Rayne Royce storyline on Hollyoaks.

Viewers will already know that social media influencer Rayne has been showing a dark side recently, manipulating things to draw a wedge between Romeo and his loved ones.

Things recently culminated with Rayne turning violent towards her boyfriend, sending him smashing through a glass table in shocking scenes.

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In new scenes set to air next week, Zoe is persuaded by Rayne to join a livestream exposing Sam's toxic behaviour, in the hope that it will put Faye off from working with Lizzie and her family. When Romeo attempts to stop it, he's left feeling embarrassed.

Hunter then asks Zoe if the livestream is a good idea, leading Zoe to back out of the plan. As a result, Rayne blames Romeo – who is apologetic – and she gets angry with him again.

While he is still hurting from the previous day, Rayne gaslights him by minimising her attack and wants to instead focus on her career.

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Rayne then posts about controlling partners, leading Faye to get the wrong idea and think it's about Romeo, formulating a plan to use it to Rayne's career advantage.

As Romeo trips trying to reach out to Hunter and James, they get a notification branding Romeo a controlling boyfriend. This leaves James determined to legally protect Romeo's name.

Meanwhile, Lacey overhears a conversation between Rayne and Faye, calling Rayne out for exploiting coercive control and allowing Romeo to be called controlling online. When she calls her disgusting, Romeo walks in. Lacey is then manipulated by Rayne into keeping quiet about who leaked the story about him.

rayne royce and romeo nightingale in hollyoaks
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Joel and Leela reveal the truth to Romeo's mum Donna-Marie, unable to keep her phone from her any longer, which leaves her angry that's she been unable to help Romeo.

During the livestream, Romeo answers a call and angers Rayne, and Romeo is left concerned about his mother's welfare as he hears she is missing. Romeo sets out to find her, though Rayne manipulates him into staying.

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Organisations including Women's Aid can provide further support and information on coercive control or coercive behaviour.

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