Hollyoaks shares Peri and Romeo's big secret

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from Tuesday's (October 31) episode on Channel 4 streaming, which doesn't air on E4 until Wednesday.

Hollyoaks has aired more twists for Peri Lomax, after she finally revealed her whereabouts on the night Rayne Royce was murdered.

We are yet to find out who's responsible for Rayne's death, but evidence of Peri's involvement has continued to pile up. This led to Peri being accused of murdering the influencer, after a clip of her "confessing" to the murder resurfaced on Monday (October 30) night's episode.

The drama continued on tonight's (Tuesday 31) episode, where Peri and Romeo finally share the secret they've been keeping since the night Rayne died.

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Leela begins to show concern for how guilty her daughter looks and suggests that she go on the run, but Joel insists it will make things worse. Listening to Joel's advice, Peri goes to the police station after assuring Romeo that she'll keep their secret about the night in question.

After seeing Peri taken in to be questioned by police, Leela comes face-to-face with Rayne's passionate followers, with the violence turning physical.

Romeo then promises he won't let Peri go down for Rayne's murder, before the pair shockingly reveal that they have an alibi as they were sleeping together on the night Rayne was killed.

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Elsewhere in the episode, James was backed into a financial corner by Leah and Lucas. Needing to see an end to their blackmailing, James proposed a compromise where he will pay his stepchildren a weekly allowance in return for alone time with husband Ste whenever he wants.

Ste later opened up to James about his concerns over Lucas' unacceptable behaviour, before Lucas continued to blackmail his stepdad to get his demands met.

Vicky continued to struggle with living in supported accommodation. Not wanting to worry foster dad Scott, Mason suggested she go to Cindy's house to study. Vicky got the wrong idea thinking Mason had set up a romantic dinner for her, when in fact it was Cindy's plans with Dave.

Hollyoaks streams first online via Channel 4 each weekday at 7.30pm. Episodes then air on E4 the following day, before getting their YouTube premiere a week after that.

Selected omnibus episodes are available via Prime Video.

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