Hollyoaks star Annie Wallace updates fans after missing work due to COVID

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks star Annie Wallace has given fans an update after being forced to miss work due to contracting COVID-19, confirming that she is thankfully on the mend.

The actress, who has played Sally St Claire on the Channel 4 soap since 2015, revealed on Twitter that she has taken a week off while isolating due to the illness.

"So.... I've spent nearly a week with COVID... symptoms easing, which is great," she wrote.

"It's been no worse than a bad cold, in all honesty, but of course it comes with the isolation thing, which has halted a lot of stuff (work, theatre shows etc). It's not gone, folks."

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Responding to a fan wishing her better, Annie also revealed that this is the second time she's had COVID, adding that she has "plenty food in the house and no loss of taste, thankfully!".

Recent scenes on the soap have seen the actress's character Sally sacked as headteacher after a series of scandals – though Annie has promised a 'reboot' going forward.

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“Initially she’s depressed and doesn’t know what to do with her life; this job has defined her," she told Inside Soap.

"The family becomes much more of a priority, she’ll be putting her foot down and trying to keep them out of trouble. I’m not saying they’re going to listen to her, but she’s going to try!

“Keeping John Paul off the booze will be tough. On the other hand we’ll also see the funnier side of Sally as she gets involved with the chaos in the McQueen house. It’s a reboot for the character and I’m excited for the change."

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